Positive Psychology  Body n Mind Connection

Positive Psychology  Body n Mind Connection

Traditional Pilates Instruction

As a traditional instructor Peter has over 20 years extensive education, training, and experience teaching students, apprentices and teachers how to improve overall health and well-being through Joseph Pilates' traditional method of body conditioning.

Please Note: Peter provides traditional Pilates instruction that increases strength, stability, stamina and coordination.

As Peter wrote in his book Discovering Pure Classical Pilates, Pilates instruction and healthcare services share certain characteristics:

• Helping people sustain health and well-being.

• Helping people develop strength and resilience.

Read more from Peter’s Discovering Pure Classical Pilates, Chapter 5, "the Body & Mind."

The paper book and Kindle e-book are available on www.Amazon.com

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Contact Peter with questions about Classical Pilates technique by calling 215.205.8004