History of Classical Pilates &
Writings from Classical Pilates Teachers


Twenty-eight accomplished 2nd generation Classical Pilates teachers write candidly about their lives and work. These professionals share ideas and experiences in ways that show intriguing diversity among teachers who are devoted to Joseph Pilates’ traditional method of mental and physical conditioning. With honesty and perceptive insight, these practitioners and educators reveal their fascinating journeys into the work of Classical Pilates.

If you are looking to learn about the history of Classical Pilates or learn from the writings of Classical Pilates teachers, this book is perfect for you.


Dorothee VandeWalle - Brooke Siler - Anthony Rabara
Alycea Ungaro - Kathryn Ross-Nash - Richard Rossiter
Mari Winsor - Dana Santi - Cary Regan - Carl Corry
Cara Reeser - Blossom Leilani Crawford - Brett Howard
Marianne Adams - Elizabeth Ahearn - Amy Baria Bergesen
Peter Fiasca - Fatima Bruhns - Larry Gibas - David Freeman
Davorka Kulenovic - Natasha Madel - Daphne Peña-Higgs
Rebecca Quin - Ernesto Reynoso - Kerry De Vivo
Greg Webster - Junghee Won

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